Stephie’s Top Tips for Working with Dyslexia... click here to read her college to career story. 
1. Make lots of lists 
2. Have a timetable, write all the jobs you need to do down, colour code it and time manage yourself 
3. Make people repeat something as many times as you need to understand it. 
4. Don’t be afraid of being you 
5. Put in place coping mechanisms, whether this is asking for help, or training yourself not to move too fast. (I am crazy clumsy. I move too fast sometimes and it cause me to drop and bump into things. Slow down!) 
6. Train your mind to rationalise and work through problems slowly. Break the problem down and go from step to step. 
7. Read! Find books that you really enjoy reading and give it a go, it really helps with spelling and writing. 
8. Find the thing you’re good at and stick with it. 
9. Who actually cares if you don't know your left and rights? 
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