Help for Children & Teens (audio/visual)  

Help with times tables and maths.... 

Ruth is a dyslexia teacher who showed us her hand tricks to learn the times tables at our drop in session. Have a go! 
Thank you for sharing your number bond rainbow.... 
Multiplication Rules! is a simple, fun way to teach children times tables and division. Penny developed her books to teach her children and herself as at school she struggled with times tables not knowing she was dyslexic. I've realised that the most important thing is helping children to enjoy learning. Once they enjoy learning, the rest will follow. Thank you Penny for coming to our open day and giving us a demo! 
Hit the Button app is highly recommended. 
Mathsframe has popular free interactive times tables and KS2 maths game 
Thank you for sharing the home made numicon - made with the plastic holders from drinks cartons. 
A mum from a local support group sent us this picture, great to see patterns and visualise.  
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