Help for Children & Teens (audio/visual)  

It will make school better for you 
you don't feel shy after the first few times 
teachers understand 
If you try people will help 
Find something different about your right hand or arm for example a freckle or mole, and remember ‘ that mole is a right pain’ 
pages are written from left to right - or in the Angry Bird’s game shots fly from left to right. 
Play hopscotch, and shout left/right as you use each leg 
Always wear your watch or wrist bands on your left 
Don’t be scared 
The assessor understands you 
Each test starts easy and gets harder it is meant to 
The tests cannot show something that is not true 
Make sure you are not tired before 
It can take nearly a whole day:  
First 40 or so minutes introductions, settle in and explanation of what will happen 
Then some different Puzzle like tests for about just over an hour - don't worry if you don't know all the answers you are not supposed to. Just do what you can. 
Then a rest 
Then a meeting with the assessor and and your parent or teacher to see what you are good at, what you find difficult and things that will make school easier.  
Ruth is a dyslexia teacher who showed us her hand tricks to learn the times tables at our drop in session. Have a go! 
Thank you for sharing your number bond rainbow.... 
Multiplication Rules! is a simple, fun way to teach children times tables and division. Penny developed her books to teach her children and herself as at school she struggled with times tables not knowing she was dyslexic. I've realised that the most important thing is helping children to enjoy learning. Once they enjoy learning, the rest will follow. Thank you Penny for coming to our open day and giving us a demo! 
Thank you for sharing the home made numicon - made with the plastic holders from drinks cartons. 
Thank you Calum for your fun tips – we love the chocolate writing 
Squirt the word with a water bottle 
make a picture to help remember 
Finding silent letters ....shoot them down 
Rainbow writing for spellings! 
Try not to get stressed. 
It might take you longer but you just have to do it! 
Try to do things you enjoy in breaks. 
Take some quiet time if it gets to much. 
Talk to a teacher if you need to rather than getting upset or cross. 
Talk to family to share things when you get home. 
Speak up 
Talk normally 
Plan what you want to say in your head or on paper 
Take time – don’t say errm… or ‘like’ 
Use extra time to check and get your answers read to you if you can 
Block out other noises 
Keep hands busy if you need to 
Practice with someone 
Don’t forget to say when to put in full stops, commas etc. 
Keep your train of thought 
Don’t be rushed by a silence 
If you like the scribe ask if you can have them again! 
Great interactive revision for all subjects at all key stages, GCSE and A levels at BBC Bitesize 
Chemistry - download a periodic table with pictures at 
Try the Free Revision App Gojimo 
GCSE, A Level Revision Ages: 18+ 11-14 14-18 
Android - Free iPhone/iPad – Free Download 
Revise at home, in class, or on the go with this question and answer app. Covering the majority of subjects in the GCSE, iGCSE and A Level exams and different exam boards , quizzes and tests and provides helpful hints too. 
A science teacher has produced lots of helpful videos for many of the topics covered in GCSE science. - Take a look at his you tube channel by clicking here .... 
Jo Crawford (teenage ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association) has made some wonderful videos on why its great to be dyslexic, as well as useful tips for revision. 
Mr Bruff has great resources for GCSE English, use origami, powerpoints to music, exam tips and book analysis, to go to his you tube channel click here... 
Rossie Stone, founder of Dekko Comics was a long-term struggler all throughout school, particularly with reading and absorbing information. Still to this day he says he finds it difficult to maintain his concentration even on a single sheet of text. These comics are based on a technique he used for revision. To see more click here 
Try mind mapping your revision. 
There are also some great mindmapping apps to try. Click here to read more 
Try the Maths Antics tutorials on you tube for a fresh look at maths revision. 
 has free videos, quizzes and practice questions for GSCE revision 
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