Monique Crane specialises in helping people with neurodiverse differences, she is dyslexic, dypspraxic and autisitc so understand the challenges faced, for further information see her website She kindly agreed to share a post she made to support a parent... 
Oh hon I feel for you... I also feel for your daughter because you have practically described me at that age. By the time I was ten I was held back a year because I just couldn't do the work and by the time I was 14 the school had written me off and my behaviours were, shall we say 'showing'...  
I disengaged because all the focus turned into working on my weak areas. Constantly getting told that if I couldn't keep up with the other children then I would not get anywhere. As if I wasn't already aware that the children around me were miles ahead of me. I felt like a dunce all the way through school. I know this isn't what you want to hear but bear with me because it is not all bad! 
When I had kids I vowed that they would not go through the HELL that I did with school. Nowadays I tell people that all my 11 years of compulsory education did for me was shatter my self-esteem as everyone constantly placed limitations on my potential. 
It didn't need to be like that and you CAN change things for your daughter! Now I'm not saying 'dont' teach her to read and write' but what actually worked with my children was teaching them a passion for stories!Encourage her to do the things she loves as a reward for getting the hard stuff over and done with. Acknowledge that it is hard for her as she will be more aware of this than anyone and then take the pressure off! Tell her about all the people who struggled at school because they found reading and writing so hard but who went on to achieve greatness in their fields. If you are not aware of them the BDA has a good link on Famous Dyslexics which will make her feel less alone, less different, and less worthless. 
I am 46 now and I still have those emotions of low self worth and anger when I have to write a cheque and someone is looking at me... I get it wrong, sometimes up to three times, and I just want to curl up in a ball and hide or punch the first person who says anything to me! It is not easy when your brain is wired differently but reassure your daughter that just because she's wired differently to most people, she is going to change the world with her talents! 
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