School was very difficult as in the late 40's there was no such thing as dyslexia. I knew I had a problem, my head was full of good ideas but because of my spelling I could not use them, also my memory was terrible so I struggled to keep up but managed to hide a lot of it. 
When in about 2003 I attended a computer class for adult learners I had to do a test to see the best way to be taught - the tutor thought I might have dyslexia so I then had a full 
assesment (as I was at an adult learning centre I did not have to pay for this) The feeling of relief at last knowing has helped me a lot and as you get older you find many ways to get around the things you find difficult. 
I now realise that dyslexia can be passed on as some of grandchildren are dyslexic in different ways, they think it is great to have a granny who understands. 
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