Bambi, a friend of Dyslexia Assist kindly shared the topic packs she developed to help her dyslexic daughter with learning and revision. The packs bring topics alive with visual reading, engaging activities and then encourage making your own version of notes to revise from. The topics cover areas of Key stage learning and common entrance exams. 
Comments from our children included ‘I’d like to work backwards … do a few questions first to see what I don’t know then go to the booklet to find the answers and then get them right!’ ‘A pack for the things I find hard would be cool’ 
Comments from our parents included ‘the games make the learning visual, physical and fun to do with your child.’ ‘the bite size layout means a little work at a time be done and he spatial layout of the packs does not overload my child.’ 
There is also digital version that schools can purchase or trial for free at 
The British Dyslexia Association have launched a new information service for use on mobile devices that aims to be a one-stop site for everything ‘dyslexia’ whether you are dyslexic yourself, a parent of carer of someone who is dyslexic or a teacher or employer of dyslexic people. We are proud to be listed as a useful resource. are educational publishers working to improve the lives of children, young people and adults living with difficulties, by sharing experiences, improving understanding and celebrating differences. Paul, the founder, asked if we would review a new book aimed at 6-8-year-olds to help them realise they are not alone. We thought the illustrations were ‘cool’ and that the book showed a dyslexic child feels really well. We also thought that the character Azzie might suffer from visual stress. Azzie found her strength in art but everyone can find something they enjoy and are good at. Follow @AzzieArtbuckle 
Tips to help with Christmas:-) 
Your child has no interest in writing cards… 
Prepare Christmas Cracker Jokes... 
Christmas Carols… 
Games at Christmas… 
click here to go to our Christmas Tips help page 
Thank you to all those who popped in to chat with us at our drop in session during Dyslexia awareness week. Great to have the support of Dyslexia Action and The British Dyslexia Association.  
Friends of Dyslexia Assist and the Face Book support group Dyslexia Support UK (UK only) recently took part in project funded by the Department of Education to contribute the parent voice to the content being delivered in schools from this term. WE MADE A DIFFERENCE …. 
"we have tried to include and take into account as many as possible of the excellent suggestions that we received from focus groups during the review process. The suggestions from the parent group were particularly instrumental in bringing about the additional focus on Anxiety & Mental Health issues so I do hope that you’ll approve of this final version." 
If you are interest in the packs that are available to download for primary, secondary of post 16 education click here 
If you could share these resources with your school and raise awareness of these FREE training events you could be instrumental in helping many! 
A good friend of Dyslexia Assist, Charmaine Mckissock, has just published a book to help with spelling. Charmaine has helped many individuals find ways to learn more easily and succeed in their goals.  
Charmaine has kindly let us share some pages of her book with us; to take a look please click here 
Many dyslexic children find it difficult to learn their times tables, but still go on to do well in maths at GCSE and A level. The Government is proposing ‘on screen checks’ of multiplication challenges under timed conditions at the age of 11. We love Michael Rosen’s take on this announcement. 
The RNIB have made subscription to their Talking Book Service free with access to more than 23,000 unabridged titles. To be eligible, you must live in the UK and have an impairment that prevents or limits you from reading standard print. Dyslexia is an option that can be chosen when registering. Books are available for Digital Download to devices through RNIB Overdrive, CD and USB stick, delivered direct to your door. 
Arran kindly shared a fantastic poster he made for Dyslexia Awareness Week 2015. He is definitely a creative superstar… with 27 retweets including the Dyslexia Scotland, Dyslexia Action and BDA in a single day. 
Thank you Arran hope to share more with you in the future :-)  
Dyslexia Awareness week Oct 5-11th 2015 
We featured in the press and photoshoot! 
Celebrity tweets! 
Kelly Hoppen, who dyslexic with a dyslexic daughter is supporting us via twitter. 
Kelly has just contributed to a new book called Creative Successful Dyslexic written by Margaret Rooke featuring interviews with 23 well-known, successful people with dyslexia to inspire her daughter and raise funds for Dyslexia Action… 
Raising awareness on the radio! 
Dyslexia Assist is a charity recently started by parents with dyslexic children to share information, tips and experiences. Colne Radio presents this interview between Charmaine McKissock and the project innovators. You can listen online to this programme on Colne Radio Monday 22nd June at 10AM and repeated Saturday 27th June at 2PM. 
WE MADE IT TO MUMSNET as a charity guest campaign... 
You can’t ‘cure’ dyslexia but there are plenty of websites and learning programmes that will take your money and claim they can. Dyslexia Assist was set up by parents with their dyslexic children who have battled through the education system. The website offers all the latest news on theories. 
Fish in a Tree - New uplifting story that will speak to anyone who’s ever thought there was something wrong with them because they didn't’t fit in. 
“Everybody is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.” 
Available on audio and kindle to share with your kids – for age 10-12. 
Dyslexia is not just an issue for 'middle-class mothers whose children aren’t as bright as they’d wished’ Approximately one in 10 of us suffer with dyslexia. The learning difficulty is famously misunderstood, and children that suffer from it can often be left confused and upset about their academic progress. Click here to read more of this great article by Prof Goswami published in the telegraph on 9.5.15 
Like Kallikids, Dyslexia Assist believes that services should be recommended by parents...  
We are building a support map of Dyslexia-Friendly tutors recommended by other parents and children. Kallikids are helping raise awareness by kindly including our blog on their website. 
Thank you Tim for your News about this great new App... 
A new app to help dyslexics read web pages and clears all the confusing clutter from a web page has just launched. It's origin came from a super app competition in the UK for children to come up with an idea for an app. 2nd prize was to a girl who wanted to help her dyslexic brother. The app designer wanted assistance and called on the help from my 12 year old dyslexic daughter Olivia who is a young ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association. The app designer was so inspired by her input and her struggles through her dyslexia journey that he wanted to name the app after her. The Olivia Reader was born. 
To download the app go to 
SpLD trust helps to answer the question - How can my child's school help with dyslexia? It also gives advice on the transition from primary to secondary school. 
THANK YOU Parent Champions, School Libraries Association and Education for the Military for featuring Dyslexia Assist in your newsletters. Please click the images to see the articles. 
We made the press! To read as summary of the article written for dyslexia awareness week 'Kids shouldn't have to struggle with dyslexia' click here 
gazette struggle with dyslexia
Please print our poster and ask your school, library or learning centre to put on display so that everyone can: 
Find/share learning tips  
Find/share experiences  
Find/share friendly tutors 
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