Omari describes the book as a ‘huge accomplishment’ as he believes it achieves his mission ‘to bring people together through food without harming animals’. 
“But I’m also proving to myself and others that anything is possible,” he told his followers. 
“I was labelled as dyslexic and told that I wasn’t bright enough to do my SATs. My mum wasn’t having that [so] she registered me as homeschooled and we went hard because she believed in me. 
“Now look, I’m the author of my own cookbook Omari McQueen Best Bites. It took a lot of hard work, grammar and spellchecks. I have my own show on CBBC; I have been acknowledged around the world and supported by all you amazing people.” 
This video is about the journey of Sam, a Nottingham Trent University Journalism student and the support she received whilst at university from Clarion UK through her mentor Amanda 
For teenagers with dyslexia, every class can be a struggle because they all involve some aspect of reading and spelling. Dyslexia is also connected to some social, emotional and behavioural issues. Take a look at this visual guide to see how dyslexia can affect a teens daily life at school. 
I'm a really rotten reader the worst in all the class, the sort of rotten reader that makes you want to laugh. 
I'm last in all the readin' tests, my score's not on the page and when I read to teacher she gets in such a rage. 
Sophie is a nine year old girl who suffers from dyslexia and struggles with reading and spelling. She talks about how she feels about the condition and how she finds ways to do things differently. The youngster has developed interesting ways to identify letters that look similar - she uses touch and feel to help her tell which letter is which. Sophie talks about the things she enjoys and is good at and how her dyslexia does not affect her whole life but only parts of it. Friendship is very important and Sophie's friends know her strengths and how to help and support her, building her confidence. 
In her video, Jo Crawford, who was last year made a British Dyslexia Association Young Ambassador, asks are dyslexics at a disadvantage in the education system? During the 16 minute video, Jo looks at the statistics and speaks with those in the dyslexia field to find out their views. 
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