One child never picked up a pen, was the last to bring home a reading book from school and sat and cried or walked out of the class room when asked to write down his weekend ' news' on a Monday morning at primary school. One managed well until she was 7 and had no problem with reading and actually enjoyed it so much she was quite a prolific reader. 
However she did not achieve in class work as the teachers expected from class discussion and input and it was suggested that she may have a learning difficulty.  
She was given some support at school but managed well herself by working hard and not giving up, an assesment as a teenager gave her extra time for her exams. One managed well and still does but felt that something was wrong compared to her friends as she moved through senior school. With the family history we went straight for an assessment; it showed she could have extra time in her exams because of a processing difficulty.  
Comments from lay people who think as a parent I am looking for an excuse for why my kids were not achieving as well as they knew they could at school make me very upset as for each child the severity, nature and help they needed has been different, they have all gone on do well at school, because of knowing their weaknesses and confonting them, often better than most of their peers. There is also one child who is not dylexic for sure. 
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